Transforma Theatre


The Female Role Model Project

Full production at
3LD Art & Technology Center
80 Greenwich Street
New York, NY 10006

The Female Role Model Project at Intersections Symposium

Biennial of Art and Technology at Connecticut College

Hotel New Work:
The Female Role Model Project

For one night only TFRMP goes #IMMERSIVE in the TheaterLab studios; you will be invited to journey through the playground of adult role models, put a brainscanner on your head, brain synch with your favorite celebrity, play gender scrabble and correct movies. #unforgettable

Fearless Project

The Clemente hosts Fearless, a series featuring LGBTQ artists presenting works in direct response to the tragedy in Orlando and continuing attacks against the LGBTQ community. Connected by the theme of understanding and unity, these events will be spread throughout our 2017-18 season. Read more

The Lucid Dream Immersive Experience

Presented by Transforma Theatre and
The Emotional Intelligence Foundation
Monday, May 20th at 7 - 9:30 pm
6.45 pm the doors open
The Assemblage NoMad
114 East 25th Street | New York, NY 10010
2nd Floor

This is an immersive experience where a participant is invited to enter a liminal space of a dream reality. A participant engages in meditation, chanting, guided induction for lucid dreaming, and powerful techniques of psychodrama through the “Lucid Dream Theater “ with the other group members and participants.

After the lucid dream induction-a guided nap, we will share our visions/dream experiences and dramatize the most profound and significant ones. The participants will be invited to join and help with dramatization on a voluntary basis. This work is intended to develop the capacity to live and dream lucidly, enhance creativity, and promote self-discovery. All mediation/yoga/spiritual levels are welcome to join us, no previous experience is necessary, an open mind and curiosity will do.

Thank you Everyone who Supported us at the Edinburgh Fringe 2019 Gala Fundraiser!!!

Photography by Christine Lee