Transforma Theatre

Science. Consciousness. Ritual.


Who We Are

Transforma Theatre, a New York based not-for-profit with a mission to create interactive theatrical experiences at the nexus of consciousness, science and ritual.

Why We Are Here

Our goal is to align forms of theater with current scientific research in neuroscience, artificial intelligence, epigenetics, and communicate this knowledge of technological possibilities to our audiences in a new pioneering way of storytelling.

Our Mission

We are seeking to expand the understanding of consciousness and share this enlightenment through art.
Join us at​ our theatre where performances are paired with live scientific demonstrations right in front of you and we create new realities with immersive high tech including you as a participant! We are here to blow your mind and create unique ecstatic group experiences.

BIOADAPTED is a theatre reenactment investigative documentary with actors portraying real people and scientists, paired with humorous and eerie fictional pieces about what our future might look like if the AI propagates in unethical ways that don't serve humankind. Bioadapted employs texts about AI, some of which have been generated by GPT-3. An EEG headset will generate BCI (brain-computer-interface) instructions for the movement of an actor linked with a haptic vest and LED lights sewn into the costume. In the grand finale the audience will put GPT-4on trial and interrogate it directly in real time.

Science in Theatre Festival


A three day festival where we present three new science-themed plays and new technologies. Each night we present a new science-infused play, followed by talk backs, science presentations, and panels consisting of scientists and artists.

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