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Lucid Dreaming


We are so excited toannounce enrollment for our first LUCID DREAM RETREAT for top performance.We've partnered with the Residency 108 for a weekend immersion in the art of lucid dreaming togain insight, unlock your mind's potential and excel in any area of life.Schedule with more details is posted below. Payment plans, as well as artistand lower income sliding scale, are available.

Friday 2/28: 

2–3pm Participants Arrival 
3–4.30pm Intro toLucid Dreaming
(What is lucid dreaming, why is it important, how to use this technique to improve on your performance or general awareness) 

5–6.30 One-on-one consultations
(Private session with the lucid dream coach to specifythe intent and focus of the weekend) 

7pm Dinner 
8–10pm Shamanic circle
(With shamanic drumming we will descend into the underworld to unleash your spirit allies and learn howto connect with the primal energies of your Power Animals. They will guide youin managing your energy and creating loving relationships. Bring forth creativechallenges you want to tackle, life mission questions, and riddles you can'tsolve, spirit animals have your secret wisdom. They will give us guidance,deliver the messages we need to hear and even perform some healing rites torelease us of the past trauma and blockages.)  

Sleep cycles and Interrupted sleep technique

Saturday 2/29  

8am Yoga  
9.15 Breakfast 
10-12pm Vision quest+ journaling
(two hour vision quest in the nature in silence and solitude,contemplation in nature) 
1-2pm Lunch 
2-5pm Lucid Dream Drama
(Journey through the subconscious and the powerful experience of lucid dreaming. This is a fully immersive experience where the participants areled through chanting, meditation and a guided nap. After the lucid dream induction we will share our visions/dream experiences and dramatize the most profound ones.This process is intended to help us access inner visionary mindscapes and increase brain power to unlock creativity, promote self-discovery, and ignite manifestation.) 
5.30-7 Step by Step GuideFor Training in Lucid Dreaming  
7pm dinner 
8-10pm Shamanic circleat the fire pit/ecstatic dancing 
NIGHT: Sleep cycles andI nterrupted sleep technique

 Sunday 3/1  

Oversleeping, over dreaming
10-11 Breakfast 
11-12.30 Journaling & Drawing/ One on One Consultations 
1-4pm Medicine circle/Meditation for integration 
4pm lunch- Discussion 
5.30pm-Closing circle 
7pm-departure from Residency108

What the price includes:

Accommodation, pick up from the station, full program, three meals/day (two on Sunday) 
What to bring with you: many clothing layers, rain boots, outwear, sleeping bag and pillows (if temp.sleeping), journal, yoga mat, pens, candle, incense (a special one to use only for lucid dreaming), a crystal 

Price tiers:
private bedrooms options:
“Green Room”: Queen size bed and en suite bathroom $ 800 

“Yellow Room”
Large room with Queen size bed and separate writing area, shared bathroom $ 750 

“Orange room”
- Either two twin beds or one king bed, shared bathroom  $ 750 

“Blue Room”
Full bed with shared bathroom $700  

-any shared bedroom (king/queen/2 twin beds) with private/shared bathroom $500  

-Library (shared accommodation on blow up mattresses. You will have to bring your own sleeping bags, pillow and towels) $ 350 

For pictures of facilities go to 
We offer sliding scale for artists and low income individuals 
Shared bedroom $500–390 
Temporary bedding $350–220 
Maximum number of participants: 12

Lucid Dream Retreat Facilitator

Tjaša Ferme is an artistic director and founderof Transforma Theatre dedicated to creating interactive experiences at the nexus of science, consciousness and ritual. She performed in, created and produced numerous shows in New York and internationally, as well as made a short film Ophelia’s Flip which premiered at Cannes Film Festival. Tjaša has been an artist, shaman woman and ritual leader for 15 years (Slovenia, Mexico, Guatemala, USA). She leads lucid dreaming/astral projection workshops and uses shamanic practices for healing and expanding consciousness. She has recently been initiated by Mexican Mayas into working with their ancient healing plants. 

She was trained in Michael Harner's shamanic practices by Dr. Barnaby Rue the founder of Shamandome (longest standing shamanic camp at Burning man) and professor of shamanism and art at NYU. She studied mediation, astral projections and lucid dreaming at the meditation center Las Piramides Del Ka (Guatemala) and with Michael Katz. She spent time in the jungle of Yucanatan, Mexico with indigenous shamans studying different shamanic practices and ancient Mayan plant rituals.

Anne-Katrin Spiess
Co-Facilitator and Director of Residency 108

Anne-Katrin Spiess Is a land artist and createstemporary installations in wide open landscapes, mostly of the American West. She often addresses environmental issues with her work. 

Founder of Residency 108, an artist’s residency program upstate New York, and co-founder of Shamandome, a camp for shamanic healing at Burning Man.